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Radionics according to Bruce Copen


Old school radionics with the Matrix LAB, ASLD 95 or the MK12

serves by scanning the blood drop and thus the entire morphogenetic field (life information field)

testing of even the most hidden loads.

In addition, it serves to balance all incorrect information

in the whole organism and an individual or

generalized information with unlimited possibilities.

To summarize the essentials, in

Cooperation with Bruce Copen a database according to ES Scheller (vital blood analysis and balancing).




Radionics was founded by the American doctor and researcher Prof. Dr. Albert Abrams (1863-1924), director of the medical school at Stanford University, California.

Complementary medicine and is assigned by its users to the complex of energy medicine or information medicine and is based on knowledge of resonances between organic and inorganic substances.

These relationships are examined again and again in quantum physics.

Radionics, like homeopathy, deals with the subtle energy fields and their effects on the organic body.

In radionics it is assumed that there is a disturbance in the subtle area (chakras, aura layers), which also affects the material area. If the subtle energy field is balanced by means of radionics, a balance also arises in the material area. The so-called "balancing" occurs through the transmission of vibrations.




In classical physics and technology, resonance is understood to mean the increased resonance of a system that is capable of vibration when the frequency of the excitation is at a resonance frequency of the system. The resonance of a body is created by the vibrations acting on it in the same wavelength. If we press a piano key, for example: the corresponding four-string begins to vibrate, the corresponding tone sounds in the room. This oscillation principle is, among other things, a basis in radionics.

If two different organisms oscillate on the same wavelength, this creates a resonance.

Applied to the application in radionics, this means that a carrier material (e.g. brine, globules, metals, crystals) is provided with potentiated information. This carrier material stimulates the already existing, but "dormant" information of the medium to be treated in the human organism (eg water, blood).


Information - information (a) - tion


Information is a temporal sequence of signals / signs, the meaning and meaning of which is interpreted by the recipient according to his possibilities and abilities.

This means that information is given a form that the recipient understands. It is another basis of radionics.

Information is the basis of all radionic work. If a system vibrates, ie if the waves are balanced with one another, information is transmitted in parallel. If the work is done radionically, the information to be transmitted is balanced by its potentiation in such a way that it can have a certain effect.


Radionics belongs to the field of complementary medicine. In complementary medicine, many questions are still unanswered. Nevertheless, it is becoming increasingly established in some areas. However, in accordance with §3 HWG, 3 UWG, we point out that the effects of the procedure described here are not scientifically recognized.

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Heilzentrum Scheller

Holistic Healing

Practice and training institute for

dark field microscopic vital blood analysis and

radionic testing

according to the findings of HP E.S.Scheller

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