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HP Ekkehard S. Scheller

Discoverer of the

DFRA Scheller method

and Infopathie ©


The new dark field microscopy

according to Prof. Dr. G. Enderlein and HP ES Scheller

Training - DFRA

in applied dark field microscopy (DF) and radionics (RA)

Training for alternative practitioners and doctors, as well as alternative practitioner candidates (HPA)

In the training you will learn the tools to use this in practice
holistic form of diagnosis to be able to work. In addition to an overview of
the course of the development of the microorganisms colonizing humans

(Findings from Prof. Dr. Enderlein, you will receive practical instruction in the handling of the device and the procedure for the examination.

The findings are explained and practiced on the basis of blood samples. There is an intensive practical relevance through case studies and many therapy tips.

Supplementary test statements of the blood by radionic devices will be included during the seminar.

The completion of the training is attested with a certificate.

  • The seminars build on each other

  • Repeaters pay half the seminar price

  • The seminars take place with a participation of 9 people or more


DFRA Ausbildung Ort:


Monika Grießer 

Lindenstr. 33

D- 78234 Engen-Neuhausen

training  DFRA dates  2021 dark field microscopic and radionic

following the teachings of HP ESScheller

Training for non-medical practitioners, doctors and HPA non-medical practitioner candidates
and therapists.

DF1          02 - 03 Oct  2021
DF2         27 . - 28  Nov 2021
DFRA 3/4   Appointments coming soon

Education - DFRA
in applied
dark field microscopy  (DF) and
Radionics after Bruce Copen (RA)

(All statements without guarantee)


The ingenious merging of the

Dark field microscopy (DF) and

of radionics (RA)

according to HP ES Scheller

DF Anwendertag:

Die geniale Zusammenführung der

Dunkelfeldmikroskopie (DF) und der Radionik (RA)  nach HP E. S. Scheller

Inhalt des Kurses:


Wissen über die Grundforschung der Symbionten, übermittelt durch Prof. Dr.  Enderlein

  • Wissen und Anwendung der Isopathie

  • Anwendung und Erfahrung mit dem Dunkelfeldmikroskop

  • Die Schlüsselfunktion der Symbionten, Ausdruck von Ursache und Wirkung in unserem inneren Milieu. Das Wissen über die verschiedenen Phasen der Symbionten und derer Entwicklungsebenen, sowie die Verbindung zur spirituellen Ebene (Symbionten, die unendlichen Informationsspeicher)

  • Die Informationsebenen

  • Erkenntnisse der verschiedenen Mutationen und getarnten Formen im Blut, Grundlage diverser Krankheitsbilder / Autoimmunerkrankungen (nach Scheller)

  • manuelle Testungsfähigkeit mit speziellen Radionik-Geräten

  • Schulung der inneren Wahrnehmung (Intuition) und intuitiv erfasste Erkenntnisse in die Tat umsetzen (eigene Mittel informieren, neue Wege ebnen)

  • Anwendung und Inhalte der Infopathie® nach HP E. S. Scheller

  • Supervision

Die neue Dunkelfeldmikroskopie nach HP E.S. Scheller im zusammenspiel mit der Radionik nach Bruce Copen,  ist kompatibel mit allen Therapieverfahren. Es ist ein wertvolles Diagnose Tool um die Hintergründe von Erkrankungen zu beleuchten und die Therapie gezielter und ganzheitlicher anzusetzen.

Training content

ingenious combination of dark field microscopy (DF)

and radionics (RA) = DFRA

DF level 1

• Prof. Dr. Enderlein’s teaching

• The 5 cyclodes

• Germs and the environment

• Parasitic forms and their interpretation and meaning

• Background of the germs

• First use of the microscope

DF level 2

• The 5 cyclodes and the associated therapies

• Sanum therapy and Infopathie © according to HP ES Scheller

• 5 cyclodes and 5 elements

• Holistic diagnosis

• Therapy suggestions

• Supervision

DFRA Level 2 and 3 is a self-contained course in which the findings of Prof. Dr. Güthers Enderlein mediates, the certificate is only issued after completing the two levels.


DFRA Level 3 and DFRA Level 4

The ingenious merging of the

Dark field microscopy (DF) and radionics (RA) according to HP ES Scheller

Content of the DFRA Level 3 course

The new dark field microscopy and quantum response technology

(Radionics) according to HP ESScheller

  • What is Quantum Response Technology (Radionics)?

  • Application and experience with the dark field microscope

  • learn the correct blood collection / get to know sources of error

  • determination of artifacts

  • First practical experience with the morphogenetic field

  • Sensing the morphogenetic field of a patient with a drop of blood

  • Testing of a drop of blood with the ASLD 95 / Matrix Lab

  • Areas of application

  • Presentation of Infopathie © according to HP ES Scheller

  • Supervision

Content of the DFRA Level 4 course:

  • Knowledge about the basic research of symbionts, transmitted by Prof. Dr. Enderlein

  • Knowledge and application of isopathy

  • Application and experience with the dark field microscope

  • The key function of the symbionts, expression of cause and effect in our inner milieu. The knowledge about the different phases of the symbionts and their development levels, as well as the connection to the spiritual level (symbionts, the infinite information storage)

  • The information levels

  • Findings of the various mutations and camouflaged forms in the blood, the basis of various clinical pictures / autoimmune diseases (according to Scheller)

  • manual testing capability with special radionic devices

  • Training of inner perception (intuition) and putting intuitively acquired knowledge into practice (informing your own resources, paving new paths)

  • Application and content of Infopathie® according to HP ES Scheller

  • Supervision

The new dark field microscopy according to HP ES Scheller in interaction with the radionics according to Bruce Copen is compatible with all therapy methods. It is a valuable diagnostic tool to shed light on the background of diseases and to make therapy more targeted and holistic.



Heilzentrum Scheller

Holistic Healing

Practice and training institute for

dark field microscopic vital blood analysis and

radionic testing

according to the findings of HP E.S.Scheller

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