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ModiEnergy EplusG 1.1
Healthy in a new age

The products from "MODI-Energy EplusG" serve to harmonize geopathic and electrical interference fields.

These influences are part of our life

and represent harmful influences for

our body. Symptoms can be varied

and set clinical pictures, this can do that

inner balance between body, mind and soul

can be massively influenced.

Years of research in the field of

  • Dark field microscopy (blood test)

  • Kinesology

  • Radionics (after Bruce Copen)

the MODI-Energy product series was created, which is based on

based on conveying information and so in ours

fast-moving, changeable time a balance

creates (test report) .

The MODI-Energy has the capability of the information field

to stabilize humans (morphogenetic field),

to support development processes and thereby

to act on the awareness of the human being.

The MODI can be worn on the body or in ours

Areas of life. Among other things, he is a supporter

in healing processes of any kind and in many areas

of life.

Effective area of the MODI-Energy on the body-mind-soul system

  • Neutralizes electrosmog in the body as well as in nature (also for 5G) more information here

  • Cancellation of the effects of chemtrails

  • Harmonization in acidosis (hyperacidity)

  • Potentiation of naturopathic and allopathic remedies

  • Connection with the energy of heaven and earth (grounding)

  • Protection against negative external influences

  • Balance and, if necessary, open the chakras

  • Creates a zero field that vibrates in the divine order

  • Harmonization of nanoparticles and morgellons

What does electrosmog have to do with our health?

Read here


More information and sales of the ModiEnergie 1.1 products

Advice & sales

Roland Sedlmair
D - 86415 Mering
Tel +49 (0) 151 573 906 85


Roland Sedlmair

On request, we test living spaces for all possible electromagnetic radiation fields and geopathic interference fields.

Test result Johann Mehringer (geobiologist)

Head of the specialist group "Geobiology" in the Radiaesthesie Verein Deutschland e. V. more info


Heilzentrum Scheller

Holistic Healing

Praxis u. Ausbildungsinstitut für

Dunkelfeldmikroskopische Vitalblutanalyse und

Radionischer Testung

nach den Erkenntnissen von HP E.S.Scheller

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