Infopathie © - (information formulas)
developed by HP Ekkehard S. Scheller

In 20 years of experience, naturopath Ekkehard Sirian Scheller has developed information formulas. As with Infopathien © , the sun-drenched brine serves as the basis for this information.
Information, produced and transmitted radionically, is ultimately codings that our wise organism accepts when necessary or neutralized when it is not needed. They serve to free us from all detectable burdens and can never do any harm.

Infopathics are substances that carry certain stable vibration patterns and can transfer them to the body. These patterns contain information of various kinds. By their nature they can be linguistic, mathematical or material.

The various Infopathies © according to HP ES Scheller is a mediator of information based on brine for self-correction, disturbed

and irritated body systems

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Information brochure about Infopathie®

contains an explanation of the Infopathie®, as well as a description of the infopathics, helpful rules for use and intake can also be found in this booklet.

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