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Morgellons disease

Excerpt from the working group

- Time Loop Solution -

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Morgellon's disease is a set of symptoms that affects an estimated 300,000 to 600,000 people worldwide. However, there is still no recognized disease with this name - and therefore no official list of symptoms. Patients are usually diagnosed for "imaginary parasitosis" and treated with psychotropic drugs.

After evaluating photographic documentation made by various seriously ill people and interviewing a number of patients about their previous illnesses, the Time Loop working group came to the following conclusion: Morgellon's disease is an environmental fungal disease, ie a disease that occurs in given infection breaks out exactly when the environment in the body allows the growth of the fungi. Since the fungus itself is not listed in the biology books, and the mycelium is apparently sprayed from airplanes, the interpretation suggests that this is a genetically engineered or weaponized species, i.e. a bioweapon used against humanity . That would also explain the refusal of the state health authorities to recognize the disease.


The symptoms that are regularly associated with this clinical picture are:

  • itching under the skin,

  • Leakage of colored threads and hexagonal crystals from poorly or non-healing wounds. The threads carry, according to chemical analysis, quantum dot dyes, gold nanoparticles and red stem cells of an unknown advanced species.

  • Excretion of the Morgellon fruiting bodies through the uterus or gastrointestinal tract.

  • The feeling of crawling insects under the skin. In some documented cases, this feeling of being occupied by insects is independent of the fungal infestation and persists even after successful therapy. This crawling has also earned the disease the name "delusional parasitosis", imaginary parasitosis.

  • oozing out of tissue fragments of insect bodies.


Solution - Morgellons Transformed MORG - order here

Morgellons Transformed is an infopathic code made up of over 36 pieces of information, including nosodes, radionic codes and numeric-only codes. The information as a whole serves to restore the milieu in the body to its original state.


The code takes into account the entire range of typical pre-existing conditions found by the timeloop working group that are underlying a Morgellon infection. In addition, if KPU is diagnosed, only the administration of a suitable KPU remedy according to Dietrich Klinghardt is indicated, as well as the administration of zeolite to eliminate toxins.


The state of the environment in the human body is primarily determined by the intake of toxins from food and the environment, as well as hereditary factors or chronic infectious diseases that impair the metabolism and the body's ability to detoxify.

The evaluation of interviews conducted with severe Morgellon patients has shown an accumulation of the following pre-existing conditions and hereditary strains: KPU, camouflaged c-Andida and Lyme disease.

The dark field microscopic and radionic vital blood analysis DFRA can provide information about a possible Morgellons disease and a toxic body environment.

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