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Film - symbionts and parasites in the blood

Processes in the blood can be seen in the dark field microscope that are often ignored in conventional medicine. Ekkehard Scheller talks to Jo Conrad about symbionts who work with us, antibiotics that can change the blood environment, the effects of electrosmog, diet, exercise and cell communication on health.

One can enter into communication with the cell consciousness and activate self-healing including knowledge about light nutrition. The symbionts as a material form of prana.

Jo Conrad from Conscious TV

is one of the pioneers of alternative reporting and has had various interviews with people in his 20 years of research in all subject areas of research, law, paranormal phenomena, spirituality.

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Symbiote material form of Prana - HP Ekkehard Scheller


Ekkehard Scheller:

Symbiotees - wonders of life

A complete philosophy describing the paradigm shift that is needed and is about to happen.

Ekkehard Scheller then shows a blood count with their symbionts, white blood cells, but also, for example, the growth of Candida fungi, which the speaker explains as the result of inadequate conventional medical treatment (administration of antibiotics without the necessary subsequent administration of probiotics). Further topics are: Borrelia and Trichomonads, which camouflage themselves in the blood.

The change in the blood count after eating chicken (because the chickens lose their feathers because they have neurodermatitis). How the combination of, for example, vaccinations and electrosmog in connection with mycotoxins and cryptopyrolory create hardly eliminable dangers for ourselves.

Symbiotes - primordial germs of life, our flowing consciousness

When we speak of symbionts, we generally mean life forms that live symbiotically in us, such as bacteria or yeasts.

The symbionts at issue here create a symbiosis in all of our life's processes and are especially visible in a high-quality dark field microscope in a drop of blood, e.g. B. Zeiss Axioscope or Axiolab plus. (Prof. Dr. Günther Enderlein’s 40 years of research into symbionts is the basis for this knowledge.)

As far as we know, the symbionts in our blood represent a condensed form of life in order to create new life. Thus our symbionts are the basis of all life forms.

The fatal consequences of antibiotics

Excerpt from the interview 5 min. With HP ES Scheller and Jo Conrad / Conscious TV

Blood analysis of dark field microscopy E. Scheller

🌟 - Watch the award-winning movie Miracle of Life Force online now! 💓 Ekkehard Scheller begins his lecture with the enormous importance of the mental attitude, because even a healthy / healed person can be overwhelmed by parasites the very next day - if he is just a wrong, contaminated food, for example. There is only one real protection against it: the right mindset. In addition to the dark field analysis, i.e. the optical diagnosis, Ekkehard Scheller also uses a radionics system to obtain a causal diagnosis.

Harald Kautz Vella on meat consumption, detoxification and Morgellons

(Excerpt from a previous day approx. 5 minutes)

Working group with HP Scheller

Part 1 - Stripes in the sky chemtrails

Part 2 - Morgellons and Transhumanism - Interview with Harald Kautz-Vella

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by Jo Conrad

News from the horror cabinet of transhumanist research ... Dagmar Neubronner talks to expert Harald Kautz-Vella about Morgellon disease and efforts to genetically modify humans. Harald Kautz Vella Translator of the book by Cara St. Louis. She wrote the book "Crosswalk - The sun thief", The Sun Thieves, which is about weather manipulation and atmospheric weapon systems.

Working group with HP Scheller


Heilzentrum Scheller

Holistic Healing

Praxis u. Ausbildungsinstitut für

Dunkelfeldmikroskopische Vitalblutanalyse und

Radionischer Testung

nach den Erkenntnissen von HP E.S.Scheller

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