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HP Monika Griesser
Medical management of the Schellers healing center

More than 30 years of down-to-earth naturopathy have accompanied me on my way

Vital blood examination in the dark field microscope according to the latest findings from HP ES Scheller and the founding father  Prof. Dr. Gunther Enderlein

Naturopathy - naturopathy - natural medicine

Our methods from A to Z:

  • Acidosis treatment, bloodletting, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, allergy treatment, respiratory therapy, eye diagnosis, rehabilitation treatments, drainage procedures, Ayurveda

  • Bach flowers, alkaline metabolism cure, Baunscheidt treatment, Breuss massage

  • Chirotherapy and chiropractic, colon hydrotherapy (large colonic irrigation), cellulite treatment

  • Intestinal regeneration and structure, intestinal rehabilitation, dark field microscopy

  • Autologous blood treatments, enemas, deacidification, relaxation techniques, nutritional science, energetic healing treatments

  • Fasting according to Buchinger/Lützner

  • Guasha

  • Therapeutic hypnosis, therapeutic fasting according to FX Mayr, homeopathy

  • Infusions, iris diagnosis

  • Kneipp therapies, kinesiology

  • life advice

  • Manual therapies, massages (classic massages, sports massages, medical lymph drainage according to Prof. Földi/Vodder, acupuncture massage according to Penzel, foot reflex zone massage, connective tissue massage, Dorn-Breuss massage, nerve point massage), moxa treatments

  • nasal reflexology therapy

  • Ear acupuncture, osteopathy, ozone-oxygen therapy

  • herbal medicine

  • Qigong

  • Rödern (treatment of the tonsils and/or paranasal sinuses), smoking cessation

  • Sanum/Enderlein therapy, pain acupuncture, cupping therapy, shiatsu, scribbling, spagyric therapy, interference field diagnostics and treatment, metabolic analysis by Dr. reams

  • tai chi

  • urine diagnostics

  • Vital blood examination in the dark field microscope according to Prof. Enderlein

  • Wiedemann cure, spine and joint treatments

  • yoga

  • cell regeneration


Heilzentrum Scheller

Holistic Healing

Praxis u. Ausbildungsinstitut für

Dunkelfeldmikroskopische Vitalblutanalyse und

Radionischer Testung

nach den Erkenntnissen von HP E.S.Scheller

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