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Scheller healing center


Rossittenstrasse 15th

78315 Radolfzell on Lake Constance


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9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.



07732/890 325 7


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Dear patients

and those who want to become one!

Even in these times of upheaval, we are there for you.

If the way is too far for you, you can also have a test carried out by post.

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Vital blood analysis

What's this ?

To learn more about the investigation, click here

Ideal blood magnified 1000 times under the dark field microscope

Book DFRA vitamin blood analysis


training  DFRA dates  2021 dark field microscopic and radionic

following the teachings of HP ESScheller

Training for non-medical practitioners, doctors and HPA non-medical practitioner candidates
and therapists.

DF1          02 - 03 Oct  2021
DF2         27 . - 28  Nov 2021
DFRA 3/4   Appointments coming soon

Education - DFRA
in applied
dark field microscopy  (DF) and
Radionics after Bruce Copen (RA)

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Herzlich Willkommen
im Heilzentrum Scheller

Unser Team:

medizinische Leitung Frau HP Monika Grießer

HP Kathrin Meerle Mayer

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The Scheller Healing Center
is the specialist for - vital blood analysis -
based on the findings of HP ESScheller

The main focus of the healing center is research into the causes of clinical pictures and diagnostics based on the "new dark field microscopy and radionics according to HP ES Scheller ".

Years of basic research into the blood environment in the dark field microscope by Prof. Dr. Günther Enderlein , HP ES Scheller succeeded in discovering camouflaged microorganisms and many other parasitic forms.

It is important to understand that these disease-causing forms cannot be detected with a normal blood test.

Causes of the most varied of diseases are, among other things, camouflaged forms of Candida, Borrelia, viruses, trichomonads, or heavy metal pollution, to name just a few. Above all, the term “camouflaged” deserves intensive consideration, because it has been re-coined.

Excerpts from the book by Mr. Scheller, you can read more on the subject here

The result of more than 20 years of research by HP ES Scheller is a completely new and extremely efficient healing method. He was considered since then as a "problem solver" for chronic diseases.

The Scheller Healing Center has been run by Mrs. HP Beate Daneyko-Mayer since 2015 directed.


Sample blood counts, magnification through a dark field microscope (vital blood analysis)

gesundes Blut.jpg
healthy blood ( erytocytes)
Enlarged 2000 times
in blood
100x magnification
in the dark field microscope
(white blood cells)
lparastarically occupied
2000 times magnification
in the dark field microscope
Trichomonads visible in the blood (parasites) when sucking out the red blood cells
Enlarged 2000 times
Acidosis (acid) can be seen in the blood, which should always be basic
Enlarged 2000 times
morgellons faser.jpg
Morgellons fiber
in blood
2000 times magnification
in the dark field microscope

The myth of sterile blood

Excerpt from the article by HP Ekkehard Sirian Scheller

Conventional medicine completely rejects the occurrence of pathogenic germs in the blood. She believes that blood is sterile. In contrast, in the theory of pleomorphism - the diversity - according to the studies of Prof. Dr. Günther Enderlein (1872 - 1968) and Antoine Béchamp (1816 - 1908) assumed that precursors / protein components of pathogens, the so-called symbionts, are in the blood at all times and that it is only when they "mature" into "adult form" that the transition point to Represents an outbreak of a disease. Our organism lives in constant symbiosis with a wide variety of microorganisms, such as B. the intestinal flora.

The blood is also colonized by a large number of microorganisms, with symbionts being of particular importance. As the lower form of all microorganisms occurring in our body, they are an irreplaceable part of our overall organism.

They influence the condition of the blood, its ability to clot, the mobility and lifespan of blood cells, the flow properties and much more. These symbionts can develop into pathogenic growth forms when the blood environment changes.

In fact, a large number of pathogens that cause disease can be found in the blood of many “diseases of civilization” if this is analyzed through a dark field microscope.

The key stimuli for the development of the symbionts into a parasitic growth form, according to the interesting theory, are only given by changes in the blood environment.

This change in milieu can result from a great many influences, e.g. B. Acidification caused by nutritional errors, psychological stress, stress, radiation, interference fields such as electrosmog, etc. The contradiction to academic doctrine, which defines an infection as the beginning of an illness, is evident here and the dispute between the two theories is still passionate today.

Merging these two positions would result in a reorientation with regard to the understanding of the blood milieu and its structural and informational susceptibility to possible damage.


HP Ekkehard S. Scheller

Entdecker der

DFRA Scheller Methode

und der Infopathie©

Video presentation by
HP E.S. Scheller at the "Spirit of Health Congress 2015"



The book of

HP Ekkehard Scheller

with his knowledge of the causes of diseases and their solutions.

(7th edition)

Buch Bild.png

A book for therapists and patients

Book Candidalism - table of contents and preview here:

Camouflaged fungi and parasites in the blood. Healing through a harmonious blood environment. A book that leads to inner freedom.

Ekkehard Sirian Scheller has been observing changes in the blood environment with the dark field microscope since 1995.

By fungi, parasites, bacteria and viruses and their toxins, radiation, the so-called electrosmog, food, addictions, specific and general and drug toxins, as well as emotional, psychological, often insurmountable burdens.

Heavy metals and especially stress, which has an intracellular destructive effect due to the massive internal loads as oxidative stress, put massive strain on the body. We can counteract this through the knowledge and therapy of Ekkehard Sirian Scheller.

The solution, the Infopathy from HP Scheller: Harmonization on all levels and complete liberation.

Ekkehard Scheller coined the term camouflaged forms of pathogen such as Candida fungi or the unicellular flagellates, the trichomonads, or C-Candida and C-trichomonads for short. It serves to differentiate from the known forms (camouflage = camouflage, disguise). Today the Borrelia are also able to protect themselves intracellularly from detection in a camouflage. Through his research he succeeded in decoding these camouflaged parasites and developing an effective therapy, Infopathie® .

This knowledge and practical implementation makes it possible today in a simple form to remove heavy metals and toxins (also from the nerve cells) and to restore the pathogens to their original form. These pointers are also addressed to the therapist, as any therapy at any level leads to the goal of healing much more easily.

More information about Infopathie® here :

Institute for Infopathy UG



The book - Candidalism is currently also being translated into ENGLISH.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-26 um 17.48.21.png

Our book "Candidalism" is now also in SPANISH available
Sistemas camuflados suchenrados - Peligros superados Versión
(also as Kindle version)

Buch Spa_edited.jpg
Bildschirmfoto 2021-08-05 um 00.28.26.png

Note: For reasons of competition law, we are required to point out that the technology presented here (similar to homeopathy, bioresonance and areas of acupuncture) does not yet correspond to the predominant academic view and doctrine.


Heilzentrum Scheller

Holistic Healing

Praxis u. Ausbildungsinstitut für

Dunkelfeldmikroskopische Vitalblutanalyse und

Radionischer Testung

nach den Erkenntnissen von HP E.S.Scheller

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