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HP Sabine Weh 

Dark field microscopy according to HP ES Scheller and Radonik

Movement Therapist & Pain Therapist


I was born in Überlingen/See in 1968 and am now the mother of 5 children.

I live with my family in Radolfzell-Stahringen and have been working in Radolfzell on my own premises since March 2018, initially as a movement teacher according to Liebscher&Bracht and since June 2019 as an alternative practitioner with a focus on pain treatment.

Movement and sport have been with me since my childhood. I've received various exercise class licenses throughout my life, including the B license for Group Fitness Instructor, HipHop and Zumba Fitness.

I completed my training as a non-medical practitioner at the Isolde Richter School/Freiburg and successfully passed it in May 2019.

At the same time, I learned movement therapy, fascia yoga and pain therapy at Liebscher&Bracht in Bad Homburg.

The training as a dark field therapist based on the teachings of HP ES Scheller and Prof. Dr. Enderlein, graduated  I at the Scheller healing center.

I had the honor of being personally trained by Mr. HP ES Scheller. I worked in the Scheller healing center for 5 years, so I was able to gain a lot of practical experience, both in dark field diagnostics and radionics, as well as in the daily routine of the practice.  


On my way, I keep encountering new challenges and areas of interest, which spur me on to expand my knowledge and pass it on to my patients.

Address in Radolfzell and contact via email


Heilzentrum Scheller

Holistic Healing

Practice and training institute for

dark field microscopic vital blood analysis and

radionic testing

according to the findings of HP E.S.Scheller

Hinweis: Aus wettbewerbsrechtlichen Gründen sind wir angehalten darauf hinzuweisen, dass die hier vorgestellte Technologie (ähnlich wie z.B. Homöopathie, Bioresonanz und Bereiche der Akupunktur) noch nicht mit der überwiegenden schulwissenschaftlichen Auffassung und Lehrmeinung übereinstimmt.

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